Hurricane Paula the latest in an active season

by Kelly MacNeil on October 13, 2010

When hurricane season kicked off on June 1, many experts believed it would be one of the most active in recent memory, and so far it has lived up to expectations. The most recent storm, Hurricane Paula, has grown into a category 2 hurricane. It’s currently brushing the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico as it heads toward the coast of Cuba.

According to CNN, the National Hurricane Center warns that, as of 8 a.m. on Wednesday, the storm was producing winds in excess of 100 miles per hour. Despite the strong winds and heavy rain that have been batting the Mexican coast, officials believe Paula will move on to Cuba by late Wednesday or early Thursday. Although Paula is packing heavy rain and strong winds, many experts believe the relatively small storm should weaken as it moves across Cuba.

While the season has lacked a signature catastrophic storm such as Katrina in 2005, or Andrew in 1992, the sheer number of hurricanes make it extremely active. Times & Transcript reports that starting with Hurricane Alex on June 25, there have been 15 named storms, seven of which developed into hurricanes. That’s compared to last year where there were just nine named storms, and only three hurricanes.

Typically the the Gulf Coast takes the brunt of most hurricanes, but this season it was Newfoundland that may have suffered the most. The small Canadian province took a hit from Hurricane Igor, the season’s biggest storm. The category 4 storm caused more than $100 million in damages in Newfoundland, and is blamed for at least one death.

The season is expected to continue till November 30, but the latest named storm, Tropical Storm Otto, is expected to have little effect on the North American coast.

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