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Scientists believe to have proof that bigfoot lives in Siberia

by Jorge Hernandez on October 14, 2011

For years people have been searching for the elusive bigfoot (or the yeti to some), and a group of scientists believe to have found what they call irrefutable evidence of its existence in the frozen tundra of Siberia. The discovery was made by a team of researchers and yeti enthusiasts from across the globe who say they are 95 percent sure they've found proof, The Guardian reports.

The team of more than a dozen researchers headed to the region after local residents claimed to have seen the yeti more and more frequently. For two days the group combed through the cavernous region and found a great deal of evidence including hairs they believe belong to the creatures as well as footprints and so-called markers – branches that indicate the yeti may have been present.

"Conference participants came to the conclusion that the artifacts found give 95 percent evidence of the habitation of the 'snow man' on Kemerovo region territory," a statement by the group said, according to the news source.

However, lest skeptics think that there are just a few of the creatures wandering around the Siberian wilderness, researches say they shouldn't discredit the findings just yeti, The Sun reports. In fact, Igor Burtsev, the head of the The International Center Of Hominology believes that there could be as many as 30. Furthermore, he thinks that there could be abominable snowmen living outside Russia.

"We have good evidence of Yeti in our region," Burtsev told The Sun and other newspapers. "And now we have convincing details from experts elsewhere in Russia and in the US and Canada."

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