Missouri police continue search for missing girl

by Jorge Hernandez on October 5, 2011

Police in Kansas City, Missouri, are desperately searching for leads after a 10-month old baby was apparently kidnapped from her crib in the middle of the night. Authorities have been looking for Lisa Irwin since she was reported missing around 4 a.m. Tuesday, but as of yet have no suspects or any promising evidence, MSNBC reports.

The infant was discovered missing when her father returned home from work early Tuesday morning. Police say he went in to check on her while the girl's mother was sleeping and noticed she wasn't there. Investigators believe that an intruder may have slipped into the house through a window.

Around 100 police officers and FBI officials combed the area all day Tuesday, but to no avail. The parents have been cooperative in the investigation, sources say, and police are not considering them to be suspects after searching their cars and their home.

The only substantial tip came from a neighbor who claims she saw a man holding a baby around the time Lisa is believed to have went missing. However, after investigating the claim further, the information didn't prove to be very helpful.

"Nothing's turned into any hard information," police captain Steve Young told ABC. "The only thing we're certain of is that there's a 10-month-old that's not at home where she should be."

Police have also received several tips from a hotline, but according to The Kansas City Star, those have not panned out either. The incident has shocked local residents, who are unsettled by the fact that someone would have had to stalk the residence to know who was living there.

"How would he know that there was an infant in that home?" Jess Barbosa, who has lived in the neighborhood for 50 years, told the Star. "That is very wrong, man."

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