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Aruba authorities call off search for missing American woman

by Jorge Hernandez on August 11, 2011

Police in Aruba have called off the search for a missing 35-year-old American woman. Robyn Gardner was last seen on August 2, and her boyfriend Richard Forester told The Huffington Post that he believes American authorities will pick up the case.

Gardner's last-known whereabouts were at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino in Oranjestad, the same town where teenager Natalee Holloway disappeared from in 2005 – that case has never been solved. Though there are many questions surrounding Gardner's disappearance, local police detained one man, Gary Giordano, for questioning.

Gardner reportedly met Giordano on the dating website, and the two took off to Aruba together after Gardner lost her job in California and told her boyfriend that she was going to Florida to visit some family members.

Giordano told authorities that Gardner disappeared while the pair were snorkeling off the coast of Aruba and led them in a search of the surrounding waters. However, many people, including Forester, have been suspicious of the story, saying that snorkeling doesn't sound like something Gardner would be doing.

"She's too concerned about her hair, about her makeup; at this point in the [day], being in a place like Aruba, she's probably had a couple of drinks and she’s not going to stop to go swimming in the ocean," Forrester said in an appearance on the Today show.

There have also been serious questions raised about Giordano's background that may paint him as the main suspect in the case. According to the MSNBC, he has a lengthy criminal record that includes being kept away from two women who claim he was violent toward them.

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