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Michigan man kills seven in rampage

by Jorge Hernandez on July 8, 2011

Police in Grand Rapids, Michigan, are searching for answers after an ex-convict shot and killed seven people before leading police on a high speed chase and taking his own life.

CBS News reports Rodrick Shonte Dantzler, a 34-year-old with a criminal past, began his shooting spree on Thursday by shooting and killing three adults and one child, in one home, before heading to another and murdering two women, one of whom is believed to be his ex-girlfriend. His daughter is also believed to be among the dead.

The calls came to police in the afternoon, and when they arrived at Dantzler's house they found that he had fled the scene. Soon after, investigators received word that he had shot a motorist through the back window of his car, and when police caught up with him he led them on a high speed chase.

Eventually, Dantzler ended up in a small residential neighborhood and forced his way inside a home and took the residents hostage for more than five hours, eventually shooting, and killing, himself. Police have no known motive and are shocked at the senselessness of the crime.

"Obviously, we're extremely disappointed at the outcome," police chief Kevin Belk told the news source. "We would much rather have had the suspect surrender and have him in custody. It makes no sense to try to rationalize it, what the motives were. You just cannot come up with a logical reason why someone takes seven peoples' lives."

However, according to new reports from The Grand Rapids Press, those close to to Dantzler say he had a history of instability. In fact, several friends and neighbors of the suspect described him as bi-polar.

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