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New information emerges about housekeeper in DSK case

by Jorge Hernandez on June 15, 2011

While her name has yet to be released in media outlets in the U.S., new information is coming out about the background of the housekeeper at the center of the sexual assault scandal involving ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

The woman, a 32-year-old African immigrant, was from Thiakoulle, Guinea, according to the New York Times, whose reporters spoke with the housekeeper's brother and others who knew her back in Africa.

"She is a village girl who didn’t go to school to learn English, Greek, Portuguese, what have you. …All she learned was the Koran. Can you imagine how on earth she is suffering through this ordeal? The place where she is now. I don’t even know where it is," the brother told the news source.

Some have speculated about the woman who is accusing Strauss-Kahn, otherwise known as DSK, of sexual assault. Many were in disbelief that the French politician, who was a major candidate for the presidency, would be involved in such a violent assault and some even wondered if he had been framed by his political opponents. The defense lawyers for DSK have said that they have "substantial information" that would undermine the case of the accuser. However, as the New York Times has found so far, there is not much to the housekeeper's background but a simple desire to arrive and thrive in the United States.

"Everybody wants to go to the U.S.," her brother told the news source. "You know why people leave Africa."

In the meantime, the IMF is in preparations to replace Strauss-Kahn's chief position, now open. Christine Lagarde of France is said to be one of the two prime contenders for the post.

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