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Questions remain over state of Misrata in Libya

by Jorge Hernandez on May 12, 2011

After reports that the city of Misrata in Libya had been "liberated" by rebels, a rebel spokesman denied the reports, according to CNN News.

A spokesman for the Transitional National Council, Abdul Hafiz Ghoga, reported said that Misrata had been "liberated," but his claim was disputed by two Libyan rebel spokesmen. The latter said that control of the city still remained in the hands of those loyal to Moammar Gadhafi.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported that Libyan Rebels had taken control of the airport in Misrata and that NATO forces had been hitting Tripoli throughout the night.

"The rebels may be getting the upper hand because of external support, but it is too early to call. We have to wait to see if another brick wall emerges. Qaddafi may have more tricks up his sleeve," said Theodore Karasik, the director of research at the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis based in Dubai.

As rockets continue to bombast Gadhafi's compound, more casualties are incurred. Recently, one of Gadhafi's sons and several grandchildren were killed in attacks meant to bring down the Libyan leader. Two more people were killed on Thursday due to attacks on Gadhafi's compound, according to CNN.

Libya has a population of about 6.6 million people, with a median age of 24.5 years, according to the CIA World Factbook. Libya is also the African country with the highest levels of crude oil reserves, according to Bloomberg. Oil prices have increased by as much as 15 percent since February of this year, due to fighting between the rebel forces and Gadhafi supporters.

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