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U.S. evacuates citizens from Japan due to ongoing nuclear crisis

by Jorge Hernandez on March 17, 2011

Many are speculating that Japan's Fukushima Dai-chi plant, which was damaged in the 9.0 earthquake that hit the nation last Friday, may lead to dangerous radiation poisoning. The United States is now taking precautions by authorizing the first evacuation of the citizens present in the country, according to The Associated Press

White House officials have also advised that American travelers defer their flights to Japan until the issue is resolved.

The orders are provided to around 600 people who are currently staying in Tokyo and Yokohama, Nagoya and offer voluntary departure measures via chartered planes. Germany and Japan have followed similar steps to ensure the safety of their citizens.

Despite the evacuation, President Obama called Prime Minister Naoto Kan and "expressed his extraordinary admiration for the character and resolve of the Japanese people," the news source reports.

Still, the fact that the planes are coming to offer an escape from Japan may strain the relations between the two countries, because the move seems to contest Japan's more optimistic evaluation of the current situation.

College students who studying abroad in Japan have also been affected by the disaster. Temple University has recently arranged a charter plane to remove all 200 students from the country, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. Some non-American students are opting to stay, along with one professor.

California State University Chancellor Charles Reed has called for evacuation plans as well, ordering that the 16 San Diego State University students currently studying in the country pack their bags and return to the United States.

Reed stated that he was concerned about the ongoing food shortage and the dangers posed by the Fukushima nuclear plant, according to The San Diego Union Tribune.  

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