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Grand theft necklace: Lindsay Lohan charged with felony

by Jorge Hernandez on February 9, 2011

Lindsay Lohan is due to appear in court today over felony grand theft charges that she stole a $2,500 necklace from a nearby jewelry store in Venice, California, and is facing the prospect of three years of jail time.

According to CBS News, the store had a surveillance video of Lohan trying on the jewelry, who was later spotted wearing the necklace after the jewelry store reported the bauble missing. Police obtained a warrant to search Lohan's home and found the necklace in her possession.

Lohan claims that the necklace was on loan to her and that she was under the impression it would be hers to keep provided that she wore it in a major press photograph, the news source reports.

"It all comes down to criminal intent…If I'm her lawyer I'm saying 'Look, maybe this was a terrible misunderstanding and maybe she really didn't have the permission of the jewelry store, but…she thought that she had the okay to do this. When she found out she didn't, [she] turned it right in again. So it was a misunderstanding but not a crime,'" CBS News legal analyst Jack Ford said on The Early Show on Wednesday.

However, the L.A. District County Court is also weighing other related incidents, including suspicions that Lohan stole a $400,000 necklace during an ELLE photo shoot in 2009, a $12,000 mink coat from a nightclub in 2008 and a $35,000 Rolex from a supposed friend in 2010, Fox News reports.

Prosecutors will also consider her string of other legal troubles involving the assault of a staff member at the Betty Ford Clinic, her violation of probation and her drunk driving cases.

If convicted, Lohan would face up to three years of jail time, and unlike her previous stints in county jail for her DUI offenses, the sentence would be served in a state prison.

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