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Doctor charged with murder for operating ‘House of Horrors’

by Jorge Hernandez on January 20, 2011

A West Philadelphia doctor who allegedly performed numerous late term abortions is facing murder charges after police discovered that he used scissors to sever the spinal cord of at least eight newborn infants. Investigators found the elderly doctor was operating an unlicensed practice in squalid conditions that led to the death of one of his patients, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Kermit Gosnell has been performing abortions for more than 30 years at his clinch, the Women's Medical Society. The recent revelations were made in a sprawling 261 page grand jury report that details the lurid actions by the doctor and his staff. Despite the fact that the operation has been going on for decades, investigators stumbled across it by accident.

Police only found out what Gosnell was doing when they raided his office after they heard he was writing phony prescriptions. When they entered the premises they were shocked at what they found. Authorties discovered semiconcious women being treated in dirty conditions with cats roaming the area, but the filth was just the beginning.

Detectives found jars and bags containing the remains of fetuses, and medical examiners say that of the 45 found at least two were born alive and then killed. Investigators later found out that Gosnell was taking in poor, uninformed women and would perform abortions well past the 24-week limit imposed by Pennsylvania law.

"My comprehension of the English language doesn't and cannot adequately describe the barbaric nature of Dr. Gosnell and the ghoulish manner in which he 'trained' the unlicensed, uneducated individuals who worked there," district attorney Seth Williams told the news source.

Due to the particularly reprehensible nature of the crimes, Williams added that he is considering seeking the death penalty for Gosnell when he goes on trial.  

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