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Colorado woman on Facebook while her son drowned

by Jorge Hernandez on January 19, 2011

A Colorado woman who was arrested earlier this month after her 13-month old son drowned in the bathtub told investigators that she was on Facebook in another room when her child died. Authorities say that 34-year-old Shannon Johnson has been charged with child abuse by knowingly and recklessly causing a death, CNN reports.

If convicted, Johnson could face anywhere between 16 and 48 years in prison. She told the Wade County sherrif's office in the arrest affidavit that she put her son in the bathtub with the water a little higher than normal and left to go to another room. She returned three minutes later and found him unresponsive. The child was quickly airlifted to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. An autopsy found that he died of anoxic brain injury, cardiac arrest and drowning.

Johnson went on to tell authorities that she regularly left him alone in the tub because it was what he wanted. However, after searching the home the police discovered a computer with Facebook open on the screen, according to the news source.

"The Defendant admitted that she was on Facebook playing a game called Cafe World, checking on friends' status and sharing videos, in the living room, while [the infant] was in the bathtub," the affidavit said.

What makes the situation particularly troubling is the fact that the boy had recently been treated for seizures, making his mother's decision to leave him alone that much more questionable. Johnson's mother also told investigators that she had spoken with her daughter before about the dangers of leaving her son alone in the bathtub. Johnson is currently being held on $100,000 bond, and is due back in court at the end of the month. 

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