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LA detectives looking for suspects in disturbing sexual assault case

by Jorge Hernandez on January 7, 2011

Los Angeles police are looking for at least 10 men featured in over 100 hours of disturbing video showing the sexual assault of severely disabled women. The video was anonymously dropped off at Los Angeles County Sherrif's headquarters in March, and authorities recently released the screenshots of the videos in an attempt to identify some of the men in the footage, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Although the police have had the video for more than nine months, their investigation has yielded very few leads. While they have determined that the scenes were shot in residential care facilities, they have been unable to identify where, and much of the footage is too grainy for them to properly identify all of the participants involved. Still, they are hopeful that the public will be of some assistance.

Despite the grainy footage, experts have been able to enhance the appearance of four of the men enough to provide the public with composite sketches. The police's concern is that these assaults may still be going on.

"The suspects and their activity is so heinous that it shocks the conscience," Special Victims Unit detective Ron Anderson told San Gabriel Valley Tribune. "When it came to me, it was really shocking. We are supposed to protect the helpless, and these people are truly helpless."

The victims in the video appear to be between 20 and 40-years-old, with some being completely unresponsive and most of them having severe disabilities. The assailants are around the same age, with at least one being disabled himself. The footage was left on the doorstep of the headquarters my a mysterious tipper, who explained he discovered the videos after he was commissioned by someone to scrub a hard drive.

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