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Salma Hayek talks about her brief time as an illegal immigrant

by Jorge Hernandez on December 10, 2010

Mexican-born actress Salma Hayek recently talked to Spain's V Magazine about her short stint as an illegal alien in the United States.

"I was an illegal immigrant in the United States. It was for a small period of time, but I still did it," she told the magazine.

Hayek, who is a naturalized citizen, did not disclose any further details regarding her age during the time or the exact duration, but said that her visa expired in 1991 while she was studying acting in Los Angeles, after which she returned to Mexico to renew her visa.

Hayek had also previously attended school in Louisiana at the age of 12, according to the U.K.'s Daily Mail.

As the first-ever Latina to receive a Best Actress Oscar nomination, Hayek is often touted as "one of the most influential Latino stars in Hollywood," though she revealed to the publication that she had been racially discriminated against as she made her climb from obscurity, reports the news source.

"I had to endure the worst time of all in terms of racial discrimination in Hollywood when I first started out. It was inconceivable to American directors and producers that a Mexican woman could have a lead role," she said in the interview.

Hayek is now working as an activist on the behalf of women and illegal immigrants, reports the Daily Mail.

"As a human being, I find this situation intolerable. As an immigrant, I find it offensive," she told the New York Daily News in reference to the criminal designation of illegal aliens.

According to the news source, Hayek shut down her production company to keep with the spirit of protestors in 2006 who were against the legislation.

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