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California beaches set to reopen after fatal shark attack

by Jorge Hernandez on October 25, 2010

A University of California-Santa Barbara junior was killed this weekend when a shark pulled him underwater and inflicted a massive wound to his left leg. According to the Associated Press, 19-year-old Lucas Ransom was bodysurfing with long-time friend Matthew Garcia at Surf Beach about 130 miles north of Los Angeles.

Garcia told reporters that he saw a plume of blood in the water after he heard Ransom call for help. Despite performing chest compressions as he brought him to shore, Ransom died soon after while still on the beach. Police were able to retrieve the body board he was using, which had a 13-inch chunk taken out of the back portion.

The attack prompted local authorities to close the beach, along with two others locations, for at least 72 hours, but various reports have said they were set to reopen on Monday. Ransom's follows several warnings about sharks off the coast of the Golden State. According to USA Today, the death is the 12th shark-related fatality in California since 1920.

The effects of the news reverberated across much of the California coast, as business owners reported seeing the number of surfers decrease.

"Twenty-five percent of the people who normally surf on the weekend were in the water," Bill Bookout, owner of the Pismo Beach Surf Shop about 40 miles north of where the attack occurred, told the news source.

Experts reminded surfers that one has a greater chance of being killed in a car accident than a shark attack, and for Bookout, there is no reason not to hit the waves as soon as beaches are reopen.

"To surf is one of the most beautiful things we have in life," he told the news outlet. "The freedom you feel when you're out there cannot be matched."

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