Logitech to launch Google TV’s Revue by month’s end

by Kelly MacNeil on October 7, 2010

Apple gave us internet television three years ago, Sony added internet movies to its PS3 and Microsoft followed suit with its Xbox 360 and now, ever the show stealer, Google storms in with its own buddy box.

The Logitech Revue is a near-total integration of TV and internet aiming to unseat Apple TV. However, the Revue may be too over packed with features for users to really enjoy it, according to some industry insiders.

Using Apple TV, customers were able to purchase, listen and watch videos through iTunes as well as Netflix and Youtube on their home HDMI televisions.

Comparatively the Revue, which uses Google’s Android software, will also enable internet videos viewing through the same sources in addition to other content sources such as Amazon’s Video on Demand and NBA Game Time.

The Revue is also systematically more enhanced than Apple TV – its processor is faster and the memory is bigger at four gigabytes. It comes with a built-in web browser, Google’s Chrome, and a Twitter application, according to CultofMac.com.

But price may be a deciding factor for buyers. Whereas Apple TV has dropped to $99, the Google Revue costs triple that amount at $299. Moreover, Apple’s device is stylishly sleeker and considerably simpler to use. Some are questioning whether the additional features on Google TV are really necessary and MSNBC points out that Google’s third party content is more of a hassle to use compared to a pre-paid subscription with iTunes that allows users to watch videos that pop up on their home screen.

Google has said they plan to release an SDK for developers to create their own applications and recently announced deals with Time Warner and CNBC to stream tv channels through the Revue, according to MSNBC.

The Revue is scheduled to go on sale at the end of October, according to Peace FM Online.

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