RIM’s BlackPad may be released next week

by admin on September 22, 2010

The iPad may finally have someone in its rear view mirror.

Various news reports are indicating that Research in Motion (RIM), known for its BlackBerry smartphones, may be revealing its tablet computer as early as next week at RIM's BlackBerry Developer Conference, which starts September 27 in San Francisco.

The most prominent report comes from the Wall Street Journal and credits "people familiar with RIM's plans." In the article, it's revealed that the BlackPad would function on a new operating system and will feature a 7-inch screen and built-in camera. The device will also have Bluetooth and broadband connections, reports the Journal.

Unlike Apple's iPad, the BlackPad will not have a direct connection to a 3G network. Instead, according to the Journal, users will be able to connect the tablet computer through the BlackBerry smartphone.

However, the feature that has received the most attention is the news that the BlackPad will not use the recently released BlackBerry 6 operating system, and instead use a new platform that will be developed by QNX Softward Systems.

According to the sources who spoke to the Journal, the idea would be that all of RIM's devices would transfer to the new OS and abandon its current one.

As of this writing, RIM has not responded to any of the news reports about the BlackPad.

Many within in the industry see RIM's possible announcement to be an answer to Apple's iPad, and some have highlighted some ways the BlackPad could compete.

PC World writer Jared Newman wrote that the BlackPad could gain some footing against the iPad through RIM's popular BlackBerry Messenger, which is an internal chat allowing BlackBerry users to communicate to each other quickly.

Newman also commented that a cheaper price could be factor as well. Currently, the cheapest iPad on the market sells for $499.

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