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Apple unveils new line of Macbook Pros and Mac OS X Lion platform

by Kelly MacNeil on February 25, 2011

On February 24, Apple unveiled a preview of the new line of Macbooks which, while externally similar to the company's previous laptops, will feature new hardware, according to The Independent.

"Some of the very earliest benchmark tests of Apple's new MacBook Pros have shown them fast enough to outperform some Mac Pro workstations," expert Matt Burns told the news provider.

One of the most-anticipated updates comes in the form of the Thunderbolt I/O system, which allows users to transfer data from discs and other devices at record speeds. This could be a particularly helpful device for those who use the MacBook in a professional capacity, such as filmmakers and musicians.

Apple also announced its Mac OS X Lion, which features a command bar called Mission Control that seeks to merge all of the desktop's features into one comprehensive format. A new Launchpad program has also been included to make apps easier to use, which may represent the first joining of tablet and regular computer functions.

The AirDrop feature makes file transfers through wireless connections as easy as a click and drag with the mouse, and each document a user makes is automatically saved in real-time.

Some have been impressed by the tablet-meets-laptop features, but overall suggest that "for the first time in at least a decade, Apple might be following Microsoft's lead," according to

One major complaint about the Launchpad program thus far is that there is no easily accessible search function. Consequently, if one has hundreds of apps to sort through, there's no choice but to go through it manually.

Still, some of the new interface features – such as zooming in and out without the use of the keyboard – seem like innovative additions.

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