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Google Goggles app can solve Sudoku puzzle in seconds

by Kelly MacNeil on January 12, 2011

To many people, solving a Sudoku puzzle is a frustrating and infuriating endeavor. However, a new app for the Android smartphone makes the process much simpler. The latest version of the Google Goggles app is powerful enough to solve the challenging number puzzles in seconds.

Google released the app on Monday, and although it offers numerous advantages, its ability to solve Sudoku puzzles is one of the most interesting. In a video released on its website, Google demonstrates how the app works while taking on the 2009 Sudoku National Champion Tammy McLeod. After simply taking a picture of the puzzle, the program scans the photo and is able to fill in the blank spaces in seconds.

While it can complete Suduko quickly, that is not all it can do. Perhaps the most useful tool the app offers is its barcode scanner. When shopping online, if the user holds their device over the barcode or QR code, the application will immediately provide results including product reviews, availability and price comparison.

Google Goggles also has the ability to provide consumers with valuable information in other ways. Those with the application can simply take a picture of an add from a magazine or newspaper, and the program will provide the user with search results from the web. The program also has a feature that can translate any sentence, phrase or word into English simply by analyzing a photo of the text.

Although the app may have found some fans among those who struggle with Sudoku, not everyone is pleased with its creation. Critics claim that the program subverts the whole point of games like Sudoku, and may make its presence somewhat obsolete, according to The Daily Mail. 

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