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Comcast launches high speed internet in Indiana

by Kelly MacNeil on January 7, 2011

Comcast Corporation has begun to roll out its latest high speed internet service, providing businesses in Indiana with one of the fastest connections in the United States. The latest service runs at a speed of 100 megabites per second (Mbps), and Comcast hopes that it will set a new standard for cable internet providers across the country, the Indianapolis Star reports.

Comcast's Deluxe 100 wideband data tier, the highest level of service, is available to businesses in The Hoosier State for $369.95 per month, and allows for fast download speeds that will make it easier for businesses to operate more smoothly and increase productivity. Experts say that a 2GB file will download in about 2-and-a-half minutes. A similar sized file would take almost 3 hours to download on a standard connection speed.

"The extensive investment that Comcast has made in upgrading its Indiana network over the last several years has paved the way for the company to introduce new and upgraded products and services," Glenn Lytle, Vice President of Comcast Business Services for Indiana, told the news source. "Having the ability to offer our business customers 100 Mbps service is a true differentiator."

Comcast has also launched the service in several other areas including Philadelphia,Washington D.C. and northern New Jersey. Last summer the company released a similar high speed internet service in Indiana, when it rolled out its 50 Mbps tier.

The move to faster connection speeds may signal a push by investors to put money into the company. Industry analysts at eMoneyDaily say that some people may expect their Comcast stock to rise in the coming weeks, and it is already currently near its highest levels of the past year.

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