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Google Body Browser provides a 3D view of the human body

by Kelly MacNeil on December 17, 2010

Google has expanded its empire to include the Google Body Browser, a Web3D view of the human body that allows users to search for and view three-dimensional images of any human organ or organ system. compares the Body Browser to a "Google Earth-like experience for the human body."

Viewers can zoom in and out and navigate the body laterally and internally, scanning the surface as well as peeling back layers of skin, muscle and tissue. Body parts can either be searched for or identified with the click of a mouse. Each specific view can be shared with its own URL, Fox News reports.

The new technology, which is so far available in Google Labs, runs only in Google Chrome or the newest Firefox beta browser due to its new WebGL graphics standard, according to the news source.

The program is in a trial stage and many users have so far reported difficulties in viewing the model or getting it to run properly, reports

"While it is easy to kill a few minutes searching for metatarsals and seeing what breast tissue looks like, the Body Browser is a bit limited. As best we can tell, there is no way to switch from the default female body and aside from looking at organs, there is no way to find additional written, audio, or video information about the human body. It's about on par with Google's Sky Map Android app. Both, however, might make you sound a bit brighter on your next date," says

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