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Facebook unveils latest profile layout

by Kelly MacNeil on December 6, 2010

In its latest attempt to improve its user's experience, the popular social networking website Facebook recently rolled out a new profile page design, providing a number of updated features while increasing the importance of photos, BBC News reports.

Users are currently given the option of switching to the latest version, but analysts believe that the renovated layout will be in use by everyone within the next few months. Josh Wiseman, a software engineer at Facebook, detailed the new profile Sunday afternoon in a blog post on the website.

At the top of the new layout is a row of the user's most recently tagged photos, underneath a more condensed version of the old info section. Additionally, the layout allows members to utilize the new Featured Friends section, providing them with the opportunity to highlight certain groups of friends, teammates, family members or classmates.

The unveiling coincided with Zuckerberg's appearance on 60 Minutes this past Sunday. While on the program he discussed, among other things, the controversial movie The Social Network and the site's new layout. The San Jose Mercury News reports that, while interviewer Lesley Stahl tried to press Zuckerberg on how the new layout addresses privacy concerns, Zuckerberg maintained it did not put users at risk.

"When you can use products with your friends and your family and the people you care about, they tend to be more engaging," Zuckerberg told Stahl. "Products are just going to be remade to be social."

Some Facebook members are already balking at the proposed changes, as they appear to be more geared toward making the most out of sponsors, with noticeably larger ads dominating the right side of the screen. However, there are others who are praising the user-friendly design.

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