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Latest version of iTunes fortells release of new operating system

by Kelly MacNeil on November 15, 2010

Apple quietly launched its latest version of iTunes Friday, with iTunes 10.1. The update includes several new features and according to PC Magazine, indicates that the company is ready to make the switch to its new operating system for the iPad, iOS 4.2, in the very near future.

The ability to wirelessly stream videos from the program to the newly released Apple TV is among the features included in the new version of iTunes. It allows users to sync with their iPhones, iPads or iPod touches using the new operating system. It also boasts a series of other features that are intended to make the program run more smoothly.

While iTunes 10.1 is certainly an upgrade, the iOS 4.2 is what most consumers are more eagerly awaiting. The operating system is the first major iPad system software upgrade since the device was released earlier this year. Experts say that change will allow Apple to silence some of the iPad's harshest critics.

"It's been criticized for its lack of multitasking, fractured e-mail inbox, and missing security features that business users desire," Jeffrey Wilson wrote for the publication.

Along with the iPad, the new operating system will be available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. While some expected it to be released in the first half of November, The Daily Telegraph reports that sources say it will not be available until November 24. There has been speculation as to the cause of the delay, but some theorize that developers detected a bug in the software, which caused intermittent wireless connection problems.

While experts originally believed that the iPad would be one of the hottest selling items this holiday season, recent estimates have put figures lower than previously thought. Analysts believed that Apple would sell about six million of the popular tablet in the fourth quarter but it appears as though they may fall one million short of that projection, Bloomberg reports.

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