Days after a World War II-era plane slammed into the crowd at a Reno, Nevada, air show, few details have emerged about what could have possibly caused the crash that killed nine people and wounded dozens of others. Investigators are still piecing together mountains of evidence as a picture of a quick response comes to […]

Hurricane Irene pummeled communities up and down the east coast this weekend, and although its strength was below original predictions, officials say it was responsible for at least 25 deaths across nine states. CNN reports about 3 million people were without power as of Monday morning, and residents as far north as Vermont were grappling […]

On Wednesday, an enormous storm system triggered a violent series of tornadoes – some claim that the weather conditions spawned hundreds of the twisters – that ripped across parts of the South, including Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia. The National Weather Service received a total of 137 tornado reports in the region.  Officials estimate that […]

Post image for Engine failure forces Delta emergency landing in Florida

Engine failure forces Delta emergency landing in Florida

by Jorge Hernandez on February 21, 2011

An apparent engine failure forced 119 passengers and crew aboard Delta Flight 1846 from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to make an emergency landing back in Fort Lauderdale around 7:45 a.m. on Sunday February 20, reports NBC Miami. The plane was heading to Minneapolis. "There was a big explosion, a flash. And then you hear this […]

Post image for Snowstorm causes significant delays up and down East coast

Snowstorm causes significant delays up and down East coast

by Jorge Hernandez on December 27, 2010

The first substantial snowstorm of the season blasted the Northeast from Sunday afternoon into Monday, dumping over a foot of snow and disrupting transportation up and down the eastern seaboard. Among the hardest hit areas was New York City, where Long Island Railroad, Metro-North Rail Road and New Jersey Transit were all suspended as of […]

Post image for Engine explosion causes emergency landing in Qantas A380

Engine explosion causes emergency landing in Qantas A380

by Jorge Hernandez on November 4, 2010

A Qantas Airbus A380 carrying 440 passengers from Singapore to Sydney, Australia, was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday after experiencing a significant engine failure 15 minutes after takeoff. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the incident has led the Australian airline to ground its fleet of A380s until the cause of the malfunction […]

Obama administration asks for emergency stay of DADT decision

by Derrick Johnson on October 15, 2010

Equal rights advocates seemed to earn a victory last month when Virginia A. Phillips of Federal District Court declared Don’t Ask Don’t Tell unconstitutional, and issued an injunction last week requiring the military to stop enforcing the policy immediately. However, in a step back from one of his campaign promises, the Obama Administration has asked […]