Favre in hot water amid sexual harassment allegations

by Derrick Johnson on October 12, 2010

When Brett Favre decided to come back and play one more season for the Minnesota Vikings, he likely never thought he’d be where he is now. The 41-year-old gunslinger is embroiled in a salacious scandal, and after a sloppy 29-22 loss to the New York Jets, the Vikings sit at 1-3.

Favre’s troubles began last week when the sports blog Deadspin obtained what they claimed were inappropriate voicemails and pictures that he sent to former Jets sideline reporter and Playboy model Jennifer Sterger when they were both with the team in 2008. The blog also reported that Sterger went on to say that she rejected Favre’s advances at which point he sent her nude photos.

“We got contacted by a third party that wasn’t her who said all this stuff that she had mentioned,” Deadspin’s AJ Daulerio told ABC News. “Based on our kind of own investigations and asking other people, we are 100 percent convinced that it’s Brett Favre.”

While the 26-year-old Sterger has yet to talk to the NFL about the matter, sources say that that the league is looking into the allegations. ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen added that he believed the league wanted to conclude the matter as soon as possible.

If Favre planned to put the scandal behind him by playing well when he faced the Jets on Monday night, he missed his opportunity. Despite rallying the Vikings to within two points, Favre threw a costly interception on their final drive that sealed the victory for New York.

Regardless of the outcome, Favre’s public image may take a hit as a result of the allegations. The three-time league MVP, and the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns, Favre has more than $7 million in endorsement deals and this could be an ignominious exit to an otherwise illustrious career.

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