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Bruins face Canucks at Game 7 of Stanley Cup

by Derrick Johnson on June 14, 2011

It's been a one long road to the Stanley Cup for the Boston Bruins. The last time the team made it this far was in 1990 and that trip didn't prove to be too successful. The last time the Bruins actually won the Cup? Even further back – 1972. That means that there are two generations of fans that have yet to see their favorite team bring home the gold. 

But now, despite a constant back-and-forth battle between the Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks, it's all going to come down to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

The problem for the Bruins has been consistency. While the team lost the first two games of the Finals in some excruciatingly close matches, they subsequently came back on Game 3 in a big way, stomping the Canucks in an 8-1 game, with an energy that may have been fueled by teammate Nathan Horton's series-ending injury.

The second wind seemed to carry the Bruins sailing through Game 4, too, when they handily won with a 4-0 score. However, during Game 5, the team faltered again when in Vancouver, with a frustrating lack of goals in the first and second period, only to be done in by a single shot from the Canucks in the third.

While there was a lot of doubt at the start of last night's game – which had the potential to be the last of the series – it only took a little more than four minutes before the match seemed to be sealed in favor of the Bruins. In a dazzling display of offense, the team scored four goals in the first, while managing to defend their net from any similar strikes. The final score was 5-2.

So now, Bruins fans will be waiting eagerly to see if the team can keep up the momentum of Game 6 on Wednesday, without flopping into the limpid pace of Game 5.  

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