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Miami Heat takes down the Lakers

by Derrick Johnson on March 11, 2011

After a disappointing loss to the Chicago Bulls, the Miami Heat have ended their five-game losing streak by beating the Los Angeles Lakers 94-88 on Thursday.

Chris Bosh led Miami with 24 points as his teammate Dwayne Wade stole the ball from Kobe Bryant with 1:27 left in a tied game, according to Reuters. LeBron James made an uncontested dunk, followed by a field goal from Wade, two free throws from James and a celebration was in store for the Heats.

Kobe was reportedly so angry that he left the courtsfollowing Thursday's game and came back an hour later for a heated shooting drill, according to Bleacher Report.

"[Kobe] was frustrated, angry, and clearly wanted to avoid saying things he'd later regret, so he cooled off for an hour, then did his shooting drills, hoping an extra hour on the floor could help him ensure that the next time he took the floor, the Lakers could seal the deal," according to the news source.

Laker's center, Andrew Bynum, also took some of the heat for the loss.

"It took me a while to get going today. I don't really know why. I was roaming. I just wasn't being quite as active. I'll watch the tape a little bit," Andrew Bynum, who managed to score 13 points and 12 rebounds during the game, told the Los Angeles Times.

The Lakers will play against Dallas on Saturday.

"Dallas is huge," Bynum said. "We've got to beat them. That's going to put us back on track."

The Lakers' coach, Phil Jackson, was diplomatic as he told Reuters that he looked forward to seeing the Heat again this year.

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