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Bieber, Ozzy headline wacky list of Super Bowl ads

by Derrick Johnson on February 4, 2011

To many casual football fans, Super Bowl XLV offers more than an opportunity to watch the Packers and Steelers battle for the Lombardi Trophy this Sunday. While the action on the field is the main attraction, the commercials have long been a strong draw as well, and early indications suggest that this year's batch will be the craziest yet.

From the iconic Budweiser frogs to the now-ubiquitous E-trade baby, Super Bowl commercials have become legendary,and it appears as though this year will not disappoint.

Several companies have leaked snippets of this year's most anticipated spots, with Best Buy generating the most buzz. The commercial is expected to feature the unlikely duo of coifed crooner Justin Bieber and the Prince of Darkness himself – Ozzy Osbourne.

The use of social media websites represents a sharp turn in advertisers' strategy for the Super Bowl, The New York Times reports. In years past, most companies kept their ads under wraps until they debuted, but along with Best Buy, companies such as Coca-Cola, the oft-risque and Snickers have been taking to the internet to generate interest in their spots.

"A lot of the strategy is now focused on how you position yourself in advance of the game, because if you wait till the last minute, it makes it harder to break through," Timothy Calkins, professor of marketing at Northwestern University, told the news source.

Corporations do not take their ads' effectiveness lightly, as they do not come cheap. Fox, who is broadcasting the game to an estimated audience of 110 million, is reportedly charging companies anywhere from $2.8 to $3 million for a 30 second spot, essentially $100,000 per second.  

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