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Huntsman in the running for GOP nomination

by Jorge Hernandez on June 22, 2011

Jon Huntsman, a Mormon Republican who until early this year was working under President Obama as the U.S. Ambassador to China, has decided to run for the GOP nomination.

Huntsman has no apparent qualms about running against his former employer, according to CNN.

"I'm glad I served my country and I'd do it again," Huntsman told the news source. "I think he's a very decent person, he's earnest, he's hardworking and he's doing his best. We come from different parties, we come from different worldviews, different philosophies."

Many have speculated on Huntsman's chances of winning the GOP nomination, given his religious background and moderate views. The Democrats, however, see Huntsman as a formidable challenge if he is to win the GOP nomination. David Axelrod, Obama's key strategist, has already mounted an offensive against Huntsman, questioning his loyalties and listing the former Utah governor's inconsistencies, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

"I found it slightly bewildering," Axelrod told the news source about Huntsman's decision to run. "Because when I met with him in Shanghai when I traveled with the president, he could not have been more effusive about the president, including the domestic initiatives, health care and so on. …He seemed a little concerned about the direction of his party."

Speaking about his own chances as a presidential candidate, Huntsman had the following to say to CNN:

"I like our chances. I think when you get out and people begin to get to know you and understand where you're coming from and understand your record as governor. We're running on our record, a lot of people run away from their record, we're running on our record."

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