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Michele Bachmann calls it official

by Adam Russett on June 15, 2011

Michele Bachmann, a member of the United States House of Representatives, has officially declared that she will be seeking the U.S. Presidency in the 2012 elections as a Republican candidate. One of the founders of the Tea Party Caucus, Bachmann is known for her fiery rhetoric and pull-no-punches attitude. The move was met with little surprise, as Bachmann had already participated in the Republican candidate debate in New Hampshire and used the opportunity to officially launch her bid from that platform. 

"Michele will be able to perform well and will catch fire," said Iowa State Senator Kent Sorensen in an interview, according to ABC News. "It's just a matter of getting her message out."

The news source characterizes Bachmann as a "mercurial candidate" whose popularity – and message – never seems to be consistent. This could prove to be a top issue for her campaign going forward.

Not only that, Bachmann will have to further distance herself from the pack of candidates, many of whom have inspired little-to-no motivation among Republican voters. Thus far, Bachmann's platforms are largely known, even if they are hotly debated. She denies global warming, going so far as to suggest that it's a hoax, and is pushing heavily for more domestic oil drilling, as well as natural gas production.

Bachmann voted against the infamous Wall Street bailout bid and also tried to pass an alternative bill to help the Big Three car companies when they required assistance. She was a stalwart critic of healthcare reform as well, even fanning the flames of the "death panel" worries that proved to be unfounded. Overall, she has been a vocal critic of President Obama.

During the New Hampshire debate, she promised that Obama would be a one-term President. The Christian Science Monitor points out that, while some compare her to Sarah Palin, Bachmann is much more adept at using the media to her advantage and is well-versed with the "finer points" of legislation.  

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