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Al-Qaida pledges revenge for Bin Laden’s death

by Adam Russett on May 11, 2011

A week ago, Navy SEALs entered a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and killed terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden. The Islamic extremist group al-Qaida proclaims that Bin Laden's death has not done anything to stop the violence against the West. 

Bin Laden's secretary Nassar al-Wahishi wrote on a jihadist website that the "ember of jihad is brighter" after the killing and threatened that there will be more attacks.

"Do not think that the case is over… what is coming is even worse, what awaits you is more intense and more damaging," he wrote. "You will bite you fingers and regret the days of Sheikh Osama Bin Laden," he said.

The announcement comes as the United States scrambles to repair ties with Pakistan, as tensions have risen after the extra-judicial operation and the suspicion that high-ranking officials in the country knew of Bin Laden's presence.

Omar bin Laden, one of the the terrorist leader's son's, has recently taken to television stations to decry the way that his father was killed, saying that he was entitled to a fair trial no matter his crimes. He provided The New York Times with a written statement that showed how the trials of leaders such as Saddam Hussein prove that it's possible to give those who have committed atrocities a trial.

He also called upon the Pakistani government to free Bin Laden's wives and children who are currently in custody, and for the United Nations to investigate the American operation.

Others have criticized the decision to kill Bin Laden. Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal told France 24 that "concerning bin Laden, everyone knows Hamas has differences from al Qaeda … especially [its] operations targeting civilians, but all this doesn't give the U.S. the right to kill as they please without any regard for the law and to assassinate Arabs and Muslims, blaming everything on them and accusing them of terrorism," according to Reuters

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