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Burglar calls 911 after breaking into house, afraid homeowner has gun

by Adam Russett on March 8, 2011

Police in Portland, Oregon, don't often find a burglar who is willing to put himself under arrest, and it's even more unusual if the man dials 911 himself. But on Monday night, suspect Timothy James Chapek did just that, because he was afraid that the owner of the home may have had a gun, according to CNN.

Chapek was casually taking a shower after breaking into the house when the other man came back, along with two German Shepherds. The would-be crook locked himself in the bathroom while the homeowner asked him what he was doing in his house.

That was when Chapek decided to dial the police. He admitted that he had broken into the home, the owner had come back and now he was afraid that the man had a gun. The homeowner also called the police.

The authorities came to the residence with more dogs and arrested Chapek "without incident," the news source reports. He was booked for criminal trespassing, but it was never confirmed whether the owner of the home had a gun.

Some speculate that this may have been Chapek's smartest course of action. Even if the owner of the home didn't have a gun, he had two dogs that could have been proved dangerous, as The Oregonian describes them as "eager."

And if the other man did have a gun, it would have been legal for him to use it on Chapek because defending a home, property or life with deadly force is legal in Oregon, according to The state also has no age, registration, permit or license requirements in order to obtain a rifle or shotgun, so it is possible the homeowner did indeed have a firearm.

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