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The Onion has begun a quest for a Pulitzer

by Jorge Hernandez on June 20, 2011

The Onion, a satirical news source, has begun to campaign to seek a Pulitzer Prize, according to the New York Times.

In the past, the Onion has tried to convince the Pulitzer Board that it deserved consideration in categories ranging from commentary to public service. However, the Onion has never won journalism's most coveted prize, a fact that it attributes to ongoing friction between the publisher of the Onion and the founder of the prize.

"As any student of American journalism, history and criminology knows fully well," said Mr.T. Herman Zweibel, the Onion's publisher, according to the news source. "I have been at war with Joseph Pulitzer since the beginning of his career. At first he showed a measure of promise, and was one of the leading lights among Onion copy boys, cheerfully going about his work, always busy, never requesting fresh crusts or more sleeping hay."

The relationship between Zweibel and Pulitzer came under strains and since then, according to the Onion, the satirical news source has been slighted ever since. Now, the Onion is full-heartedly campaigning for a prize.

"We're spending all our capital on this," Seth Reiss, the head writer, told the N.Y. Times.

On the Onion's webpage, there is a "paid advertisement" that says, "There have been more than 8,000 Pulitzer Prizes awarded since 1917. Isn't it about time the Onion received one?"

The ad is followed by a quote from Stephen Forbeck, the President of the Americans for Fairness in Awarding Journalism Prizes, AFAJP, who is endorsing the Onion's quest for a Pulitzer. 

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