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The King’s Speech wins top awards at the Oscars

by Jorge Hernandez on February 28, 2011

The King's Speech won the Academy Awards for best picture, best actor, best director and best original screenplay on February 27, at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, according to CNN.

Christian Bale won the best supporting actor award for The Fighter and Melissa Leo, who played Christian Bale's mother in the same film, won for best supporting actress. Natalie Portman, who portrayed a psychologically unstable ballerina in Black Swan, won the best actress Academy Awards.

Some memorable quotes came from the winners for The King's Speech.

“I have a feeling my career's just peaked. I have to warn you I am experiencing stirrings somewhere in the upper abdominals that are threatening to form themselves into dance moves," said Colin Firth, to laughter from the audience, while accepting his award.

"My father always said to me I would be a late bloomer. I hope that record is broken quickly and often," said David Seidler, the 73-year-old screenwriter, who is the older person to win in the history of his category.

Seidler's comments echo partly the storyline of his screenplay.

The King's Speech is based on the real story of the transformation of King George VI of Britain. George VI was a shy young man with a crippling speech impediment – he stammered profusely – and needed to overcome his fear of public speaking in order to assume his role as the future king of England.

Seidler, the screenwriter, was also a former stutterer, according to the Telegraph.

“I accept this on behalf of all the stutterers in the world. We have a voice. We have been heard," said Seidler.

Indeed, the movie – made on a budget of $15 million – has pulled in $114.5 million in the domestic box office so far, according to

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