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Lady Gaga races ahead with the release of Born This Way

by Shannon Harris on February 8, 2011

Lady Gaga has gone ahead and set the official release date to Friday for her new single, "Born This Way," two days earlier than its original scheduled iTunes release on Sunday, February 13.

"Can't wait any longer, single coming Friday," Gaga announced on Twitter.

According to, Gaga has been teasing fans for the past month or so, dropping hints regarding her new album and posting the full lyrics to the single on her Twitter account.

"So many nights I've wept, too many thoughts to say. But now its less than 12 days left, till I was Born This Way. X Mother Monster," she initially tweeted on February 1 in anticipation of her original release date.

The producers for the Born This Way video publicly stated their excitement upon completion of the film, which they touted as "profound" and "inspiring," MTV reports.

Gaga also debuted a remix of the single at a Theirry Mulger fashion show last month, according to the U.K.'s Metro.

The news source reports that Gaga is expected to make her first live performance of the single at next week's Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

Dedicated Gaga fans are reading this as "BIG news," as The Stir's Maressa Brown puts it. "We've counted down the days to hearing new material. Glee covers don't cut it! We're the vampires of the music world, requiring and thriving on only the freshest blood from Lady Gaga."

Some fans, including Brown, hesitate to fully buy into the announcement, suspending their belief in what could be just another clever public relations maneuver.

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