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Kanye and Jay-Z drop new single, plans for joint LP

by Shannon Harris on January 11, 2011

Hip-hop superstars Kanye West and Jay-Z have joined forces in a new single released on Tuesday called H.A.M. as a precursor to their forthcoming collaborative album, Watch the Throne.

Michael Cragg of the U.K.'s Guardian described the single as "an audacious, OTT banger where stuttering, echoey drums, icy synths and frantic raps give way to a faintly ridiculous coda in which a troupe of opera singers battle it out with a string section. You can just about hear a kitchen sink being strummed for good measure."

According to, plans for the joint venture first began to materialize nearly a decade ago when the pair first met in 2001.

Critics surmise that the pair should have waited to release the album, since Kanye's other album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, only just hit stores in November 2010, according to MTV.

"Kanye West should be basking in the critical acclaim of his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album. He scored a number of year-end accolades for the project, including recognition from us here at MTV News," says Jayson Rodriguez of MTV News.

Some say it was a wise decision on the part of the hip-hop kings, as fans often can't get enough of a popular artist.

"I think it's smart because I imagine the two albums will be very different sonically, so it won't be a case where one overshadows the other," Complex senior editor Toshitaka Kondo told MTV News.

Kanye and Jay-Z dropped their single on Facebook just after midnight on January 11. The album, which was originally intended to be an EP but evolved into a full-length production, was produced by Lex Luger.

There is no word at this time of when the album is due for release.

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