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Conan debuts new late night show on TBS

by Shannon Harris on November 9, 2010

Nearly 10 months after an unceremonious exit from The Tonight Show on NBC, Conan O'Brien is back on television. The red-headed funnyman kicked off his much-anticipated foray into basic cable on TBS last night with the aptly titled Conan. With a fresh batch of self-deprecating humor and shots at his former employer, Conan's debut appeared to strike all the right chords with longtime viewers, NPR reports.

The show began with a taped segment poking fun at O'Brien's much-publicized departure from NBC. It opened with Conan laughing away the suggestion to move to 12:05, screaming "Forget It! Go to Hell" and then wondering to himself "What can they do to me?" After a series of failed attempts to find a job, including working for Don Draper, Burger King and as a clown, Larry King eventually had to persuade Conan from jumping off of a bridge. The funnyman, of course, eventually landed on the stage at TBS.

Early reviews have the lauded the show for being true to his original program, Late Night. The inaugural episode featured an impressive lineup of guests including Seth Rogen and Glee star Lea Michele. He closed the show by playing guitar alongside Jack White.

The show also featured a significant dose of the quirky humor that characterized his Late Night gig – including the return of the iconic "Masturbating Bear" character that many fans thought had to be left at NBC.

During his time away from television, Conan became an internet sensation, so it is no surprise that users on Twitter took the their accounts as soon as his new show kicked off at 11 p.m. The Montreal Gazette reports that avid fans and celebrities tweeted about his comeback, including comedian Michael Ian Black who noted "Conan's desk is funnier than Jay Leno."

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