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Lil Wayne released after serving eight months in prison

by Shannon Harris on November 5, 2010

Rapper Dwayne Carter, more commonly known as Lil Wayne, was released from prison Thursday after serving eight months for having a loaded gun on a tour bus. Despite being locked away at Rikers Island in New York City for the better half of the last year, the rapper still managed to move his career forward. He released a number one album in September and had been communicating with fans through during his incarceration.

Although he has just been released, OK! magazine reports that Lil Wayne has big plans for his first weekend as a free citizen. First, he has to reappear in court in Arizona to settle some legal issues stemming from drug charges in 2008 when police found cocaine and ecstasy on his tour bus along with the loaded weapon.

Mack Maine, the president of Lil Wayne's record label, Young Money, discussed his release with MTV. According to Maine, his friends and family are eager to see him and a huge release party is planned at King of Diamonds strip club in Miami, Florida.

"There's a lot of smiles, I'm pretty sure some people are going to be crying," Maine told the news source. "It's just going to be mixed emotions and a lot of just rejoicing. Everybody is going to be happy to see him and, of course, we have parties coming up,"

While there will certainly be a significant amount of celebration surrounding the rapper's re-entry into society, experts say that immediately being thrust back into the lap of luxury could have detrimental effects. Psychotherapist Allison Bobeck told MTV that the transition may lead to more legal trouble, as Lil Wayne frequently raps about his affinity for illegal substances.

"Those are strong emotions, and you won't necessarily be able to cope any better than in the past, and it may be even more intense," Bobeck added.

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