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SNL tackles Favre controversy in fake ad

by Shannon Harris on October 26, 2010

A controversy often is not over until Saturday Night Live has weighed in on this issue, and unfortunately for embattled Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, it did just that this weekend. The venerable late night show did a spoof of Favre's long-running endorsement with Wrangler jeans. With Jason Sudekis playing Favre, SNL did a faux-commercial for a new line of "open fly" jeans.

The sketch has the fake Favre playfully throwing the ball around with some friends, with a pixelated image over where his fly would be.

"For me, nothing works better than the open-fly jeans from Wrangler," Sudekis says in the skit. "Don't let zippers and flies slow you down. With the open-fly jeans it's always out and camera ready."

The ad was meant to be a play on Favre's recent scandal, in which he reportedly sent lewd pictures to Jets employee Jenn Sterger. reported earlier this year that a third party had come forward with voicemails left by Favre on Sterger's phone, as well as nude photos of the athlete. Sources have reported that Favre has admitted to leaving the voicemail but not sending the pictures. No actions have been taken against Favre by the NFL, as Sterger has yet to talk to league officials.

According to the New York Daily News, Favre's wife Deanna made an appearance on ABC's Good Morning America last week to discuss how she has been handling the allegations aimed at her husband. She told hosts that she has been turning to her faith to deal with the negative attention.

The alleged indiscretion is just one of a recent line of problems for Favre. The 40-year-old future Hall of Famer irked Green Bay Packers fans when he signed with the rival Vikings before last season. After coming back for one more season, he has played terribly this year and the Vikings have limped to a 2-4 start.

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