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About Our Writers

At Trendbuzz.com, we have professional journalists who research trending topics and write fresh, relevant articles on a daily basis.  Each of our writers specializes in a specific field or industry to leverage their specific area of expertise.  Our journalists provide objective, non-biased articles based on fact.  We do not write opinion articles.  And we do not accept articles from outside sources for payment as do many other publications who disguise sales pitches as legitimate news stories or articles. 

Our writers are listed below under their area of expertise along with a brief summary giving a short description of their personal interests.  Also, our writers’ email addresses are listed below.  Feel free to email our writers directly with any feedback or questions you may have about any of their articles.

As with all businesses, our writers occasionally change and this page will be updated as that occurs.


Kelly MacNeil

Kelly has covered a variety of topics within her journalism career that have included crime to feature stories about dolphins. However, Kelly’s first love is writing about new technology and how it impacts our daily lives.  Kelly boasts a rare trait in that she owes a Blackberry, an iPhone and an Android powered Evo.  Kelly owes them all in order to keep up with new advancements and product offerings offered by each operating system.  In addition to her love for all things tech, Kelly is also a health-nut who is always on the lookout for the latest trends in healthy eating.

You can contact Kelly by emailing her at kmacneil@trendbuzz.com.


Derrick Johnson

Derrick has always loved sports.  Whether it was cheering for his favorite team the New York Yankees as a kid, or playing three different sports in high school, Derrick has always been involved in sports at many levels.  Derrick majored not in journalism, but in sports management.  He became a sports writer by accident.  During his senior year in college, Derrick began writing a sports blog.  He soon realized that he enjoyed writing about sports and decided to try his hand at being a sports writer.

You can contact Derrick by emailing him at djohnson@trendbuzz.com.


Adam Russett

Adam enjoys the great outdoors, especially hiking in New Hampshire and Vermont. It’s a relaxing change from when he covers political and crime stories while on the job. Whereas most people’s favorite time of the year is the holidays, Adam’s favorite time of the year is election season.  He loves watching political attack ads as he finds them extremely entertaining.  Adam keeps his personal political views in check and only writes about the facts when writing about politics.

You can contact Adam by emailing him at arussett@trendbuzz.com.


Shannon Harris

Shannon left a job writing scripts for broadcast journalism and entered a field of online news.  As Trendbuzz.com’s youngest journalist, it is no doubt that she loves staying on top of the latest trends and entertainment news.  Shannon is a huge fan of TMZ and admits that she loves to celebrity watch.  When not at work, Shannon enjoys spending time with her dogs and husband.

You can contact Shannon by emailing her at sharris@trendbuzz.com.


Jorge Hernandez

Jorge considers himself a health fitness adviser foremost and a journalist second.  Jorge has a passion for educating people, especially young people, about how to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of their bodies.  He practices what he preaches and is an avid runner.  Jorge has run a marathon or mini-marathon in 34 of the 50 states and plans to complete one if every state before his 40th birthday.  Jorge has even pushed his young daughter in a stroller in one of his mini-marathons.

You can contact Jorge by emailing him at jhernandez@trendbuzz.com.

World Events

Nick Jankowski

Nick was hired to write about world events for Trendbuzz.com in part because of his extensive travels throughout the world.  Nick has visited 34 countries and every continent except for Antarctica which he does plan to visit at some point.  Nick majored in journalism with a minor in political science which makes him an ideal fit for researching world events that impact our daily lives.  Nick admits part of his love for travel is racking up free frequent mileage awards which he uses to take his girlfriend on some of his trips.  

You can contact Nick by emailing him at njankowski@trendbuzz.com.