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About Us

A different Approach to the News

At Trendbuzz.com, we take a different approach to covering the news and current events.   Most traditional news publications and online news sites fall into one of two traditional news categories.  The first is variety news sources that cover a wide variety of topics on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  These publications and news sources write articles for each and every category they cover such as Local News, World Events, Sports, Entertainment, etc… for every publication.  These publications balance their articles by category, not by relevance or trending topics.  Examples of these types of news sources would be traditional newspapers such as The New York Times, national papers such as USA Today and online sources such as MSNBC.msn.com.

The second type of traditional news source is category specific.  These news sources cover stories and articles based on one or a small number of topics such as sports or politics.  These news sources balance their articles based on what is happening in their niche category, not based on relevance or trending topics.  Examples of these types of news sources would be magazine publications such as Fortune (finance news) and Sports Illustrated (sports news) and online sources such as Politico.com (political news) and TMZ.com (entertainment news).

At Trendbuzz.com, we are different because we write articles not based on certain categories or topics, but based solely on what is a hot, trending topic at the time.  We do this by compiling a list of the top trending news topics at any given time.  We then write articles based on these hot topics.  We do not try to balance our articles by region or topic.  We simply write about what people are searching for the most at that particular moment.  For instance, if in a given week the hottest trending topics are all about politics, then all the articles we write will be on politics.  We do not balance by news category or topic.

At Trendbuzz.com, our journalist provide objective, non-biased articles based on fact.  We do not write opinion articles.  And we do not accept articles from outside sources for payment as do many other publications who disguise sales pitches as legitimate news stories or articles.

How We Determine What is Trending

Trendbuzz.com has created a proprietary system for compiling lists of the hottest trending topics in real time.  Our system combines a large number of internet search query sources such as Google Trends and Yahoo Buzz to name the two most popular.  Trendbuzz.com combines the search query data from these multiple sources to produce a unique list of currently most searched news stories and events.

Providing You with Useful Information

There are several websites and news sources that try to report on trending news topics and display the results.  We take it a step further by taking each trending topic and linking it to a large variety of information about that topic such as current news stories, blog posts, pictures and images, videos and even books written on the subject.

We also publish unique articles about trending topics written by our professional staff of journalists.  So Trendbuzz.com makes it easy to get information on trending topics by providing unique articles as well as linking to a large variety of previously published information.

Our mission at Trendbuzz.com is to keep our readers up to date and informed on current events and news stories.  By following our site on a daily basis, you will know what is going on in the world and be prepared to intelligently discuss any current topic from world events to the latest celebrity scandal.

If you would like to contact us, please do so by emailing us at Admin@TrendBuzz.com.