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Study finds no link between cell phones, cancer


Study finds no link between cell phones, cancer

nickj October 21, 2011

A study refutes the commonly-held myth that cell phone usage may be tied to brain cancer. A team of researchers found that the instances of brain tumors in more than 350,000 Danish mobile phone users was no higher than that of the general population, Bloomberg reports.

The team used readily-available records of people aged 30 and over between 1990 and 2007. The scientists believe that this is the most comprehensive study performed on the subject that used already-existing data, making it more reliable than previous analysis. The results run counter to a statement put out by the The International Agency for Research on Cancer in June which said that there may be a link between heavy cell phone usage and a rare form of brain tumor.

“The absence of a trend in the incidence of brain tumors in national statistics is reassuring,” professor Anders Ahlbom wrote in an editorial along with the study. “Continued monitoring of health registers and prospective cohorts is warranted.”

Perhaps these most recent findings will quash the fears of the link once and for all. The Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Communications Commission have long said that it did not exist, but according to The Associated Press the apprehension often lingered.

Still, the study has its detractors. According to the news source the group MobileWise, which maintains that mobile phones pose a health risk, said that the research may not be completely valid because brain tumors can take years to develop, but Hazel Nunn, head of Health Evidence and Information at Cancer Research UK, thinks there are much more pressing matters at hand.

"There are a lot more worrying things in the world than mobile phones," she told the AP.