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GOP debate audience turns heads once again


GOP debate audience turns heads once again

Adam Russett October 19, 2011

First they cheered Rick Perry's execution record, then they applauded Ron Paul's assertion that a hypothetical man without insurance be left to die, all before booing an openly gay veteran. The audiences at the GOP debates have garnered almost as much attention as the candidates, and on Tuesday night they did it again.

Moderator Anderson Cooper asked surprise front-runner Herman Cain if he stood by his earlier statement that the unemployed have nobody to blame but themselves for their joblessness. He emphatically said that he did, with much of the audience erupting into cheers before he blamed the Obama administration, The Huffington Post reports.

"Wall Street didn't put in failed economic policies," Cain said. "Wall Street didn't spend a trillion dollars that didn't do any good. Wall Street isn't going around the country trying to sell another $450 billion."

Still, while Cain has risen in the polls in recent weeks, Mitt Romney once again turned in the best performance of candidates. Despite attacks from most of the other presidential hopefuls, namely Texas Governor Rick Perry, Romney was able to deflect most of the criticism. One of the most heated exchanges came when Perry criticized Romney's hiring of a lawn company that employed illegal immigrants. However, Romney was able to offer a suitable response, saying he let go of the company once he found out about the practice.

Romney also faced criticism from other candidates including Rick Santorum. According to FoxNews.com, the former Senator from Pennsylvania went after Romney for the similarities between the healthcare law he put in place in Massachusetts and the Affordable Care Act.

"The people of Massachusetts like it," Romney answered.