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Occupy Wall Street movement begins second month

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Occupy Wall Street movement begins second month

Jorge Hernandez October 18, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street movement which was initially launched by Canadian anti-consumerism magazine Ad Busters has now entered its second month. The protests, which have spread across America and around the globe, show no sign of slowing as activists of all ages, races and creeds call for an end to corporate greed, among other grievances.

Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, near Wall Street, is still the epicenter of the movement. Despite the fact that the protest has no concrete focal point and no appointed leadership, it has managed to garner a total of $300,000, huge amounts of supplies and storage space near the park, according to The Associated Press.

"That's what it's all about," Cory Thompson, one of the protesters in New York, told CNN. "Occupy Wall Street is about coming together and supporting one another. We're getting it from around the country, around the world."

The United Federation of Teachers donated the storage facility where supplies are being sorted. They have amassed blankets, canned goods and other foods as well as extra clothing to support the protesters, many of whom are living in the park full time.

The protests haven't come without their fair share of controversy, however. In Rome, a march to support the cause led to riots, though it is unclear if the rioters were actually part of the movement.

Police action has received mixed reviews, with some cities saying police were helpful, and others, particularly in New York, calling foul. Most recently, a video of a police officer punching a protester in the face surfaced, and now a lawyer who is representing Occupy Wall Street is seeking an investigation into the officer's behavior, according to The Guardian.