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Second man convicted in brutal Connecticut murder case

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Second man convicted in brutal Connecticut murder case

Jorge Hernandez October 14, 2011

The second man accused in the vicious and disturbing home invasion and murder case that shook a quiet Connecticut town in 2007 was found guilty on all 17 counts against him on Thursday. The jury convicted him of crimes including burglary, sexual assault, arson and murder, according to ABC News.

Joshua Komisarjevsky took part in the home invasion that resulted in the deaths of Dr. William Petit's wife and two daughters. Petit, who was beaten with a baseball bat and tied up in the basement, managed to escape the home. During the trial, Komisarjevsky told in gruesome detail how he sexually assaulted Petit's 11-year-old daughter Michaela, and took pictures of her while she was tied to her bed. His accomplice, Steven Hayes, raped Petit's wife, Jennifer Hawke-Petit.

Afterward, the pair doused the house with gasoline and lit it ablaze. Petit's two daughters were still tied to their beds and died from smoke inhalation.

Following his arrest, Komisarjevsky blamed the deaths of the three victims on Hayes, saying that it was his idea to burn the house down in order to save them from arrest.

Petit sat in the front row during the entire testimony, just as he had for the trial of Hayes. After the conviction, Petit called Komisarjevsky "a lying psychopathic personality who probably still doesn't think he's done anything wrong," according to the news source.

Hayes was sentenced to death for his role in the crimes last year, and it is expected that Komisarjevsky will also receive the death penalty in his hearings with the same jury, which are slated to start on October 24, according to the Boston Herald.