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Clean-up of New York protesters’ park postponed


Clean-up of New York protesters’ park postponed

Adam Russett October 14, 2011

Protesters in New York's Zuccotti Park were gearing up for a confrontation with police Friday morning that eventually never came. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg had ordered the demonstrators to move so that the park could be cleaned but officials postponed it until further notice, Reuters reports.

The cleaning may have proven to be a de facto end to the Occupy Wall Street protests because demonstrators would have not been allowed back in with sleeping bags, tents and other supplies that have made the weeks-long sit in possible.

In an effort to push back against the crews, volunteers pitched in to clean the area and on Thursday night the ground was full of mops and brooms. Still, the demonstrators say that the area was not messy to begin with.

"We clean up after ourselves. It's not like there's rats and roaches running around the park," Bailey Bryant, 28, told the news provider.

Despite the fact that police were not forced to evict the protestors, NYPD officers arrested seven people for unknown circumstances.

To many supporters of the cause the postponement was viewed as a victory, especially as the movement has spread to as many as 1,400 cities across the country including Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco.

The postponement also comes as the movement is slated to spread across the globe this weekend. According to Bloomberg, protests are planned this weekend in Canadian cities including Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver. However, Canada wasn't the only place as the groups Occupy Together and United for Global Change said that there were plans for global rallies on Saturday in at least 71 different countries.