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Scores of Occupy Boston protesters arrested


Scores of Occupy Boston protesters arrested

Adam Russett October 11, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread across the nation, with protests popping up outside of some of the most important financial institutions in the U.S. Along with the protests have come arrests, and last night around 100 people camped out in Boston’s financial district were handcuffed by police and detained, according to The Boston Globe.

Occupy Boston protesters set up tents on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, a stretch of park that runs parallel to the district housing corporate bank offices and other financial businesses. Originally, they confined their protests to Dewey Square, where they have remained peacefully, but expanded to the Greenway after their numbers grew. Police say that the protesters in the Greenway were problematic, as the area had just undergone and expensive renovation project.

At around 1:20 a.m. the first riot police arrived on Atlantic Avenue, one of the streets adjacent to the Greenway. Eventually around 200 officers arrived, but their presence only seemed to rouse the crowd, which became more vocal. The crowd began chanting “The people united will never be defeated,” and “The whole world is watching,” while police informed the crowd that if they did not disperse, they would be arrested.

Police held to that statement and began making arrests. Witness accounts of what occurred during that period are mixed, with the police officially stating that no protesters or police officers were injured.

However, a number of the protesters there said that police clashed with members of Veterans for Peace. According to USA Today, some of the members of the organization were pushed down to the ground by police.

“We’re being seen as a legitimate organization,” Shawdeen Vatan, one of the Occupy Boston protesters, told the news source. “People are panicking and trying to get us out of here.”