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Elizabeth Warren raises $3.15 million in three months


Elizabeth Warren raises $3.15 million in three months

Adam Russett October 11, 2011

Massachusetts Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren released her first campaign finance figures on Monday, and if it's any indication the 2012 election should be hotly contested. Warren announced she took in $3.15 million in just three months while her opponent Scott Brown said he has amassed at least three times that much, The Boston Herald reports.

While Brown may have more in the bank, Warren said that what was especially impressive was the number of small donations (under $100) that she took in. She pointed out that 96 percent of her contributions were under the century mark and that around 11,000 Massachusetts residents had donated to the campaign.

"These are pretty amazing numbers for our first official finance report, raised in a very short period of time, so you can understand why I want to say thanks a million – and more! – for this remarkable support," she wrote in an email to supporters.

Although Brown managed to raise just $1.5 million in the last quarter, the figures give him $10.5 million overall, according to the news source.

The rhetoric has been stepped up in recent weeks with the two candidates exchanging barbs over Brown's decision to pose nude in Cosmopolitan to pay for law school. In terms of tone and competition, the race is shaping up to be one of the most contentious in the country over the next year.

Brown rode Tea Party fervor to the former Senate seat of Ted Kennnedy in 2010 becoming the first Republican from Massachusetts to serve in the upper house of Congress since 1972. However, many feel that Warren, a Harvard Law School professor and organizer of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has earned a great deal of support in recent weeks thanks to her straight talk on the growing inequality between the wealth and the middle class.