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Amanda Knox heads home after being freed

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Amanda Knox heads home after being freed

Jorge Hernandez October 4, 2011

Less than a day after an Italian court reversed her murder and sexual assault convictions, Amanda Knox is headed home to Washington. The dramatic reversal has been met with praise from U.S. and British authorities, while Italian prosecutors feel as though there has been a miscarriage of justice, The Associated Press reports.

Knox and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were convicted in 2009 of the 2007 murder of 21-year-old British student Meredith Kercher. The two were sentenced to 26 and 25 year sentences, respectively, but many felt the prosecution relied too heavily on inaccurate DNA evidence and engaged in a character assassination of Knox. The 24-year-old appealed to the court on Monday, vehemently maintaining she was not there at the time her roommate Kercher was murdered.

Knox had widespread support from the United States during her four-year ordeal. She also was backed by the Italy-US Foundation, and wrote to the group on Tuesday expressing her thanks.

"Those who wrote, those who defended me, those who were close, those who prayed for me," Knox wrote, according to the AP. "I love you, Amanda."

Due to the overturning of her sentence, the only person currently serving time for the murder of Kercher is Rudy Guede, who is currently in the middle of a 16-year sentence. Knox and Sollecito have maintained the Guede acted alone.

Early returns from legal analysts and pundits say that the decision to free Knox was the right one. In an editorial in The Seattle Times, the paper writes that she was guilty of nothing more than "insensitive behavior and pot use." Additionally, they pointed out the fact that Knox's DNA was nowhere to be found in the room where Kercher died (and that there was no clear motive) was enough reason to exonerate her.