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Sources say Chris Christie may still run


Sources say Chris Christie may still run

Adam Russett September 30, 2011

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie clearly stated that he would not be running for president in 2012 in a speech earlier this week, but sources close to the situation say that he may not have completely ruled out a run yet, The New York Post reports.

Christie may have been swayed by continued encouragement from Republicans who are desperate for a new front runner to emerge after Rick Perry stumbled in recent debates. Additionally, while Christie may not be able to capture the White House, a lot of analysts feel that his impact on the election could deliver Republicans both the House and Senate.

Still, while sources close to the Governor have said that he has been flattered by the push from the Republican establishment, political experts say that it may be too late for him to stage an effective campaign with such short notice.

"Raising the money needed is also daunting … [and] the media would turn on him with a vengeance," GOP operative Roger Stone told the Post. "As much as I like him, I hope he does not run but waits until 2016."

Whether or not Christie runs, the Republican nomination may soon be turned on its head. Though Perry was an immediate favorite as soon as he entered the race, a series of gaffes have lowered his approval among GOP members, and underdog Herman Cain captured the recent Florida straw poll ahead of Perry.

According to Fox News, Cain has risen from 6 percent in an August poll to 17 percent in a September poll, while Perry has fallen from 29 percent to 19 percent. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is currently in the lead at 23 percent.


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