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Coffee may lower depression risk in women


Coffee may lower depression risk in women

nickj September 27, 2011

Many people drink coffee for a morning boost, but the daily routine may be more beneficial than once thought. A new study has found that women who drink three cups of coffee a day exhibited a 15 percent lower prevalence of depression, while those who drank four cups enjoyed a 20 percent lower risk, The Huffington Post reports.

The 10 year study, which followed more than 50,000 subjects, focused specifically on the effects of caffeine from coffee and not on caffeine from other sources such as chocolate or soda. The researchers believe that the reason for the decreased risk of depression is likely tied to the fact that coffee has been known to modulate the release of certain mood transmitters.

Despite the interesting findings, co-author Dr. Albert Ascheri was quick to say that it shouldn't encourage non-coffee drinkers to start downing four cups a day, and that the results still need to be replicated before they can draw any solid conclusions. Still, he said that it might offer some solace to those who make a habit of it.

"I'm not saying we're on the path to discovering a new way to prevent depression," he told the news source. "But I think you can be reassured that if you are drinking coffee, it is coming out as a positive thing."

This is just the latest study that suggests there may be positive health benefits of drinking moderate amounts of coffee. Research out of Sweden earlier this month points to a link between drinking two cups of coffee a day and a reduction in strokes due to the fact that antioxidants in coffee may protect blood vessels in the brain from damage from cholesterol, according to The Courier Mail.